4 Fresh Fencing Ideas for Your Yard

Fences can serve a practical purpose in your yard, protecting the border of your property from trespassers and onlookers. They can also serve a cosmetic purpose and give your house a personal touch. Fences come in many shapes, sizes, and materials, which makes it difficult to choose exactly what style you want to go for.

If you’re looking to install a fence on your property, or you are looking for a way to update your home, here are some fencing ideas to get you brainstorming.

1. Picket Fencing

This is the All-American classic style of fencing that we often imagine when thinking about buying a new home. The most common type of picket fence is the white picket fence, and it is the go-to standard. However, there are plenty of other options that can be used depending on the style you are going for.
4 Fresh Fencing Ideas for Your Yard

Picket fencing is most often used in the front yard, where it marks the front border of the property and integrates into an Americana setting with lawn ornaments and a full garden. Depending on your lot, you can also use it to surround the whole property. You might even use it solely in the back yard if you have a nice view to look out on, such as a lake.

2. Cedar Fencing

As far as fencing ideas go, this is probably the most modern selection of any type of fence. Cedar fencing is usually made of planks of varying heights that have been treated to withstand the elements. When it is installed, it often has that light brown look that is distinctive of cedar, but over time it darkens to a natural gray color.

Today, cedar is available in many other colors than you might think, with shades of red and brown being the most popular. It is also among the most cost-effective of any type of wood for fencing due to cedar’s excellent growth rate and wide availability. Finally, cedar’s high planks provide privacy and exclusivity for your back yard.

3. Bamboo

This option is available for the environmentally cautious. Because of its rapid growth rate, bamboo is much more renewable than other woods. It is extremely strong, while also being relatively inexpensive, as it grows well in most climates. However, installation can be a hassle when you need to cover a lot of area because bamboo stands tend to have a small width.

4. Metal Fences

These can be a striking or basic solution depending on the style you choose. There is the standard chain link fence that can be cheaply made and installed, and will serve as a deterrent against intruders in our yard. However, a wrought iron fence is striking and looks similar to the picket fence, but with a different stylistic approach.

These are just a few fencing ideas that you can use to establish a border around your property or add in a little bit of extra decoration. Fences are often used to protect the yard, but homeowners should take the cosmetic look into consideration. It’s important to remember that a fence is a structure that you will be looking at for years to come.

5 Rules for Picking a Fence Company

Picking out a fence company can be a difficult process due to the sheer amount of companies and differing rates. While prices seem like a definite starting point, they don’t always determine the actual quality of the work that will get done. Your fence is going to have to blend into your landscaping and stand as a lasting structure on your property.

5 Rules for Picking a Fence Company

You should pick out a company that will build a fence that suits your needs. The following are some rules you should follow when picking the right company.

1. Never Base Your Decision on the Quote
Money isn’t everything, as the saying goes, and you shouldn’t base your decision solely on the price of the job that will be performed. This is the number one rule because the differences between individual fencing companies go beyond the price.

2. Services Should Be Personal
This almost goes without saying, but you should choose a fence company that will work with you as an individual. Sometimes different companies will go for quantity over quality, and your project will be treated as a number. You might even end up with something completely different from what you asked for.

3. Timelines
Work with a company that adheres to the previously placed schedule, obviously accounting for weather and other incidents that might delay construction. Companies should come up with a clear schedule that shows the project from its start to completion. Simple fencing repairs usually last a day, but larger projects could last up to a week.

4. Guarantees and Offers

A fence company should work to create a lasting relationship with its customers. Most often, that means giving a guarantee for completed projects, which means there will be free repairs if something goes wrong. However, the company could also provide offers such as discounts on repairs or replacements in the future as the new fence is worn down over time.

5. Look Out for Any Signs of Potential Problems
Your intuition is a lot more valuable than you think. Many people get a gut feeling right off the bat, but go through with a project anyway out of guilt or resistance towards those feelings. While being critical of your doubts is a good thing, you should not be afraid to back out if you feel like something is wrong.

A fence is the visible border for your back yard and blends into the landscaping to create a cohesive yard. It helps provide a sense of privacy and safety to the yard as it protects from onlookers and animals that would try to get in. Fences wear down over time and eventually you will need to hire a fence company for maintenance.
Choosing a fencing company can be hard work because there is a lot of competition in the industry. However, if you pay attention to the above rules, then you should be able to weed them out and get the fence company you can trust for the project at hand.

3 Tips for Building a New Deck

Your backyard is your sanctuary. It is your own little slice of paradise that is shut out from the rest of the world. It is your own, customizable space that you can use to build whatever you want.
A deck is an important part of the backyard because it is the landing point from which you get to show off the rest of the yard. When you start planning the construction of your deck, you should consider all the aspects that go into building it. The following are some considerations to take into account when thinking about a custom deck.


There are two major options for materials for your deck: wood or composite wood. Both of these materials have different qualities that can be benefits or drawbacks. The differences are summed up below.


• Natural look with many options for types of wood
• Higher maintenance and doesn’t last as long
• Cheaper to replace if damaged but needs to be replaced more often

Composite Wood

• Can be made to look like natural wood
• Low maintenance and lasts a long time
• More expensive to replace but needs to be replaced less often

Between these two materials, there is very little to consider. The basic conclusion is to go for wood if you are able to keep up with maintaining the deck or to go with composite if you want something that is low maintenance with the drawback of looking less natural.

Three Tips for Building a New Deck

2.Check Local Building Codes

If you are part of a homeowner’s association, you should check with the association to make sure building a deck is permitted. This is especially important if your deck will be visible to your neighbors. Building against the homeowner’s association could risk incurring fines.

Another consideration is regarding city or county building codes. Many codes might have specific building limitations such as the height or size of the deck. Checking on these codes will save you the hassle of dealing with reconstruction later.

If you are in doubt about the specifics of your town’s codes, your contractor might have that information on hand. Other limitations might involve the type of materials used or the land on which you are building. When planning custom decks, even more specifications might need to be taken into account.


Many times, it might not be safe or convenient to build a deck on your specific land, regardless of building codes or homeowner association regulations. Your contractor will be able to help you build the deck you want while also taking the location into consideration. When push comes to shove, you might not get what you first wanted, but you will be happy with what you end up with.

A deck is a perfect way to enjoy the vista of the landscaping in your backyard. It is the best place to sit back and enjoy the weather on a great summer day. Most of all, a deck is important for the overall completeness of your house.

Custom decks will be catered to your specific needs. Your contractor will be able to help you with the location and other specifications such as materials. Eventually, you will end up with a deck you love.

How to Take Advantage of Your Backyard

Owning a home is a fulfilling achievement for any individual. You suddenly become the owner of your own plot of land that is yours to use and express yourself. The front yard and back yard are more like a canvas waiting for you to get on a creative streak and make your house a home. Taking advantage of this new land is as easy as hiring a deck builder or pool man to show you how to mold the land.

The backyard is especially important. It is your private space where you can enjoy yourself or spend time with your family. You can choose to grow plants, build storage, or just loungeand experience the outdoors. The following are some ways you might take advantage of your backyard.


Gardening is an age-old pastime for many people. While gardening can be done anywhere, a backyard is probably the perfect place to use your land to create life where there was previously nothing. The best part is that gardening is a hobby that is both entertaining and useful.

How to Take Advantage of Your Backyard

How to Take Advantage of Your Backyard

While gardening, you can either set up a plot of land or try to make yourself into a landscaper. This means turning up soil and setting out pathways to strategize the location of your plants. Deciding on your plants is another great way to enjoy gardening, as each plant has different maintenance demands. Finally, you can start growing your own food to take your gardening straight to the dinner table.


Maybe the best way to enjoy your backyard is to take a part of your house and extend it to create an outdoor space that isn’t directly on the ground. Hiring a deck builder to create this space can help you establish a sturdy area for your furniture, grill, and other backyard items.

A deck is also great for sitting out and relaxing on a quiet day. You can even have it built with an awning or roof to give you some shade and shelter you from the sun during the summertime. It will definitely be a construction project that you will not regret.

Most decks are built as an extension of the house and are raised from the ground. They are typically made of wood and often include railings surrounding the perimeter to prevent falls. The wood is treated against the elements and can last years before there is any sign of wear.

The backyard is a place for family events and gatherings. It is the place where you can undertake big projects or sit out and enjoy the outdoors. There is a wide variety of ways to take advantage of your house’s back yard, and it doesn’t have to result in a lot of effort on your part.

If you decide to undertake a project, you can always opt for professional help. These professionals can make it so your project is personalized and made to last. Hiring a deck builder or landscaper will help you realize the full potential of your home.

Turn Your Backyard into a Gardener’s Delight with These Wood Fencing Ideas

An attractive fence not only adds to the beauty of your home but increases its value as well—and wood makes an ideal material for a great-looking fence. Wood is classic yet can be easily updated to suit any modern style. It is also versatile and can be adapted to match the architecture of your home or surrounding structures. There is a host of natural shades available, or it can be painted or stained to any color you desire.

In fact, wood is the perfect material for a backyard fence, allowing you to create your own private garden of delights. It goes great with vegetable or flower gardens and allows you to incorporate some charming thematic elements. Here are some inspiring ideas on how to make wood fencing complement your backyard garden.

Wood Fencing Ideas

Trellis Fences

A trellis fence is simply that—a wooden fence that has a grid trellis design instead of solid, vertical boards. This sort of fence is perfect when you’re looking more for style and garden compatibility than total enclosure. But don’t worry, a trellis fence can still provide privacy. Simply place ivy or other clinging plants at regular intervals around the fence. Soon, you’ll have a lovely, organic fence resembling a scene from the English countryside.

Trellis fences go particularly well with arbor entrances and can be decorated with wrought iron elements. Your arbor gate will look great draped with ivy or adorned with hanging potted plants.

Cedar Fences with Stone Columns

Cedar is an extremely attractive wood that holds warm tones and can brighten up any home or landscape. It also looks great in conjunction with stone. For a backyard privacy fence that will also efficiently contain all in the plants in your garden, consider using cedar boards and posts with stone columns flanking the gate. Of course, the gate itself should be made of cedar, but the columns will look best when constructed of a light gray-colored stone. The effect will be stately but also welcoming.

Horizontal Pine Fences

Pine is a bright, attractive wood that is long lasting when pressure-treated. Having your fence constructed with pine boards positioned horizontally rather than vertically gives your property a unique, stylish look. It also provides effective privacy and will complement a garden filled with succulents, light-colored foliage, or vegetables.

Low, Horizontal Cedar Fences

Sometimes, you want a fence just to delineate and contain an area and not necessarily for privacy. You can achieve this with a low fence made from horizontal boards. Such a fence should ideally come up to about waist-height and be made of an attractive wood like cedar.

Choosing cedar for your fence will allow for easy staining with a wide variety of beautiful color options. Designing the fence so that it doesn’t rise above eye-level will protect your garden from unwanted traffic but also allow others to admire its beauty and your incredible green thumb.

4 Reasons to Have Your Fence Professionally Installed

There’s nothing wrong with doing some things yourself. You can learn a lot from the experience, and it gives you a sense of pride in a job well done. Still, there are certain jobs better left to professionals. After all, you probably wouldn’t do your own dental surgery or try to rewire your house unless you had the training and experience. It’s the same way with installing a great-looking fence. Sure, you could probably do it on your own, but here are four very good reasons you should hire professionals instead. Read more »