Property owners and investors are always looking for ways to improve their space and thereby increase its value. Interior renovations and landscaping projects are obvious go-to solutions, but is there anything else that can be maximized for this purpose?

Beating Around the Fence

Not a lot of people realize that a simple addition of fence around the property can easily increase its value. It doesn’t seem all that much, after all, and most usually assume that the lawn and gardening would be the big ticket items for those looking to buy a new place.

Building a good, solid fence, however, not only increases the curb appeal, it also helps with security, depending on how high or what type you would like to have. There are also various unique ways to put them up, and with help from a fence company in Greeley, it shouldn’t take too long for you to have this addition to your property.

Besides, you should also take into consideration the curb aesthetics throughout the neighborhood. If everyone else has fences and you don’t, then you will stand out, but for the wrong reason.

Types of Fences

Depending on what your goal is, you can have what they call a “neighbor fence”, which essentially features a low enough height so that the front lawn can be visible. It’s also great for over the fence conversations with the neighbors while you tend to your gardens. If your priority is more security than aesthetics, then you can have your fence built higher, and equipped with the appropriate security systems, like CCTV cameras,

If you want to be a bit more creative with your fencing options, however, you can opt for a live fence. This is where instead of using materials like wood or metal, you use actual trees to line up around your property, making a natural fence formation. Trees like White Pine and Leyland Cyprus are typical kinds of trees used for live fencing because they grow tall fast and they add that rustic charm to your front lawn.

Regardless what kind of fence you go for, make sure to seek the services of an experienced and professional fence contractor in Greeley, such as Altitude Fence and Deck.


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