About.com writer Lee Wallender discusses the usual process of choosing and hiring a fence company to install fences on a property. According to Wallender, fencing often comes with complex tasks that are better performed by professionals. Accurate measurement and clearing away of obstructions are two of the major tasks that homeowners may simply find hard to do; added to this are some boundary issues that are likely to arise while in the middle of installation, which fence companies may take care of.

A quickly developing city in Colorado, Greeley is home to many gorgeous residences. Considering the extremely dry climate in the city, as well as all of Colorado, most of these residences lack greenery to at least border their yards; this makes fencing by a reliable Greeley fence company an ideal way to spruce up properties and increase the resale value of homes. Additionally, the fence can serve as protection against intrusion and as an immediate mark of boundary.

Depending on the size of the property, a fencing project can be truly expensive. Wallender advises homeowners to seek estimates from three different Greeley fence companies before deciding to hire one. The cost of fence installation ranges from $6,000 to $20,000 depending on the materials, length, and height. A 3-foot high, 300-foot long privacy fencing may cost around $6,000; this may increase based on any possible additional features the homeowner might want.

To properly estimate the cost, most fence companies like Altitude Fence and Deck send estimators to the site to survey the land. A lot of them give this crucial service for free, while others charge for it, especially if the estimator needs to reestablish the boundary to make accurate measuremements. Some of the tasks involved in the estimation, according to Wallender, include checking for obstructions like trees and rocks, evaluating the elevations or the major areas of the land, and determining the type of fence that fits the property.

Wallender is right in assuming that most estimators will not provide all the information the client needs for various reasons, including having checked a couple of lands already; in this case, the homeowner should inquire about crucial matters, such as permits, insurance, and project timeline. Since most homeowners’ insurance policies cover fence damage, a client won’t have difficulty claiming any damage brought on by natural or man-made disasters. All these have to be clearly explained before closing the deal.

Regardless of the size of the project, careful measures have to be taken, especially in looking for a fence company. Homeowners have to be very meticulous, knowing that the outcome of the project will define the safety and beauty of their property. Working with the right contractor will most likely end in worthwhile spending for the family.