Why Consider Fence Installation in the Winter?

Why Consider Fence Installation in the Winter?

fort collins fence installation in winter

Professional fence installation in Fort Collins tends to heat up in summer when more homeowners feel the need to protect their outside areas. They’re more attuned to what their front and backyards look like in the summer, and they’re more motivated to ensure that these areas are prepared for summer outdoor activities, like cookouts with the neighbors. However, there are many advantages to buck the trend of summer professional fence installation and opt for a winter installation.

We enjoy many advantages of living in Northern Colorado. Yes, our winters are cold, but there are usually enough warm, sunny days even in December and January that the ground won’t be frozen solid all winter. This gives you an opportunity to get a jump on your fence installation project. Not waiting until spring to get that new fence installed can be beneficial to both your lifestyle and your wallet. Here’s why:

Advantages of Winter Fence Installation

Installing a fence offers many advantages, not the least of which is privacy. By getting your fence installed in the winter, you’ll be ready to reap all the benefits of having a fence right when you’ll be outside taking advantage of those outdoor areas in the months ahead. That’s not even mentioning the benefits of protecting your yard during the winter months.

Professional Fence Installers Can Install Your Fence Faster

Fence installers can put up your new fence faster in the winter because fewer people are booking these services during December than there are in April. Everyone gets spring fever and realizes they need a new fence, but you won’t have to wait to enjoy your new fence in the spring if you get it installed in the winter.

Increase Your Privacy During Winter

Some yards have evergreen trees that help maintain privacy during the winter, but if you don’t have any evergreens, your yard will look a little bare. Installing a fence now will help you had the privacy you want for your yard.

Protecting Your Plants is Easier During the Winter

Protecting your plant life during the installation process is easier during the winter. Since your trees and shrubs are dormant and without their extra leaves and growing limbs, they’re more out of the way and easier to work around.

Bottom Line

There is only one thing that could delay a fence installation in winter: the weather. When the ground freezes, the fence installation work is frozen along with it. But on many days when the ground is perfectly unfrozen, why not consider calling Altitude Fence and Deck for a professional fence installation job in the wintertime? Contact us today to get your estimate.

Reasons to Consider Installing a Privacy Fence

Reasons to Consider Installing a Privacy Fence

Updated September 15, 2020

fort collins privacy fence installation

When you contact a local fence contractor about installing a new fence on your property Fort Collins or elsewhere, one of the first questions that they will ask you relates to the type of fence that you want to install. One of the most common fencing types on residential properties is a privacy fence, and there is good reason for this.

Your fence is an important part of your property, and Fort Collins privacy fence installation is a popular service in Northern Colorado because many of the residents here want to protect their homes and properties in an increasingly urban area. Privacy fencing offers your home much more than protection from prying eyes, however. Many privacy fences are ornate and add a sense of style to a property, along with a clearly defined boundary that both animals and people will be hesitant to attempt to cross. Usually, privacy fences are made from tough materials, and because they’re typically taller and dug further into the ground, they tend to last longer than your typical white picket fence.

Benefits Privacy Fences Offer

Fort Collins privacy fence installation services have taken off in Northern Colorado for many reasons, from rural homeowners needing to keep animals from wandering into their property to urban dwellers looking for more security. It’s easy to see why privacy fencing is becoming more popular, especially with more designs and materials being used than ever before. Here are some benefits of privacy fences to consider:

Stable Shelter

Many fences don’t adequately serve as boundaries or obstacles to intruders, but rather serve more as decoration. The white picket fence can add a clear boundary to your yard, and it looks pretty, but a high privacy fence offers more functional benefits.

Unlike a white picket fence, privacy fencing adds some shelter from the elements to your property. Since privacy fences are so tall and sturdy, they can act as windbreakers, shielding your property during storms or high winds. If you have plants that need some extra protection, privacy fencing can come in handy. It can also provide some much-needed shade in the summer months.

wooden residential fence

A Secure, Private Perimeter

Privacy fence installation is all about security. That’s the obvious benefit of a privacy fence, right? Along with keeping prying eyes out of your backyard, privacy fencing discourages animals and would-be trespassers as well. Privacy fencing also does a great job of keeping your animals and children in your yard. It’s much more difficult for your dog to jump over a privacy fence than a waist-high chain link.

Noise Reducing

Privacy fences, again in part because they’re tall and made from thick, sturdy materials, can also help reduce all the noise flying around and through your property, particularly if you live in an urban area. With Fort Collins growing all the time and more people discovering the beauty of Northern Colorado, many quiet neighborhoods are becoming noisier all the time.

The Many Decorative Options

Some people may not think that a privacy fence has the full style that they are looking for, and it may be true that wrought iron, stone and other materials are viewed as being more decorative. However, wood fences do have some decorative options as well. For example, you can use brick or natural stone as the fence post material.

You can install the slats horizontally for effect, or you can add a top trim piece to the fence to give it more character. These are only a few of the many decorative options available for you to consider, and your fence company may provide you with others that are common or popular in your area.

vinyl privacy fence

Available in Several Styles and Materials

Installing a new fence on your property is a great way to boost property value and add functionality and style to your space. If you are wondering which type of fence you should install, take a closer look at the benefits of a privacy fence. This may be the right fencing solution for your needs.

If you’re interested in Fort Collins privacy fence installation, there’s no better selection of materials to fit your property and still provide all the benefits of a privacy fence to your home than at Altitude Fencing and Deck. With several styles to choose from, you’ll find the perfect fit for your home, whether you need serious protection or just another boundary to delineate your property.

Contact Altitude Fencing and Deck to see what our options are for installing a fence on your property.

What Landlords Should Consider When Installing a Fence

What Landlords Should Consider When Installing a Fence

fort collins fence installation landlord considerations

Altitude Fence and Deck has worked with many landlords throughout Northern Colorado looking for custom Fort Collins fences. Our products stand the test of time and can help improve security and property values.

If you’re a landlord, property decisions are much more complicated than if you were only a private homeowner and resident. You’re not only responsible for your own property; you’re responsible for marketing that property to the right renters and then maintaining that property for your tenants. There is of course no end to the improvements you can do to your property, and there’s no end to the requests for better facilities and repairs, too.

When looking for fencing options for rental properties, there are many options to consider, and many factors that private property owners and residents don’t have to deal with.


Custom Fences for Rental Properties

Landlords are in a unique position. They’re at once maintenance foremen and women, marketers, sales people, and friendly neighbors. They have to collect rent and improve their properties so they can gain more from their rental investments. For all property owners, installing a fence is an investment in their future security and property value. For landlords, they must also impress current and would-be tenants. Even though it’s the landlord’s investment, new custom fences benefit the tenants.

What should you consider before investing in a new fence for your rental property?


For your own home, wood can be the perfect fencing material. You can use a variety of elegant styles and types of wood to achieve just the perfect look for your outdoor space. However, wooden fences require more maintenance than other fences (read more on fencing material considerations here).

Ornamental aluminum fencing can make any property look more upscale, and it’s easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about your fence rotting or fading in the hot sun. Aluminum won’t rust or color in the snow and ice of winter, and it won’t warp in summer. Fixing aluminum fences is usually easier than fixing wooden ones.

Another option is PVC fencing. Although this material isn’t as elegant as aluminum, it’s as durable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective as aluminum fencing.

Aluminum and PVC are usually the most cost-effective materials you can rely on to protect your rental property and add value to it. But there are other materials that have their benefits as well. Wrought iron fencing is more expensive, but the security this material provides is unparalleled. Iron fences won’t break down over time, either, and require minimal maintenance.

Vinyl fencing is easy to install, easy to clean and care for, and customizable with many different colors and styles, but it’s also on the more expensive end of the scale.

To read about other fencing materials, click here.


There are more factors that you don’t control when you’re a landlord trying to make improvements to your property. Notifying your tenants and getting them to keep themselves and their pets away from the installation crews might be a challenge in some cases, although, your tenants might be enthusiastic about the work, especially if they’ve complained to you about the need for a fence.

The main issue with installation, other than the work itself, is the scheduling and safety concerns. Make sure your tenants know when and where the fence will be installed so they know to steer clear. If you’re installing a fence in part because of dogs, make sure your tenants know to keep their pets out of harm’s way, too.

You may find that the best time to install a fence, if possible, is between tenants.

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Landlords and regular homeowners alike invest in fences because they not only add security, they add a bit of elegance and beauty to your outdoor space. Invite your tenants to put flower planters next to the fence, or to dress up the gate. Add some of your own easily maintainable landscaping touches like flower beds or garlands to the fence after it’s installed to make your property even more attractive to tenants. You could make the gate the grand entrance with some natural décor.

These considerations will get you started on your fencing project for your tenants. If you decide to install a fence, consider Altitude Fence and Deck for top quality services and results.

Why Hiring a Professional Fence Company Is Worth It And How to Find the Right One

Why Hiring a Professional Fence Company Is Worth It And How to Find the Right One

Updated September 15, 2020

why hire professional fence company fort collins

Do-it-yourself projects around your home are very often rewarding and cost-effective ways to improve your property. However, as Fort Collins residential fences experts can tell you, there’s plenty that can go wrong when installing your own fence that can cause you to go over budget and spend entirely too much time on a less-than-satisfactory product.

This is not to discourage you from attempting home improvement projects around the house or disrespect your DIY prowess. There are certainly numerous projects that could bring about just the end result you want. But as a homeowner, you need to be aware of what could go wrong in a fencing DIY project, and why you should consider hiring professionals to at least help you with the job.

Before you start your next fencing project, with professional help or otherwise, you should consider a few things.

First, know why you want a fence in the first place. Do you value your privacy? Are you near a busy street and want to cut down on traffic noise? Do you have small children or pets who might wander off when playing outside? Determining the reasons behind your fence will help you make other decisions about fencing materials, height, and length.

Check out this article on choosing your fence.

You should also consider the maintenance work you’ll be doing on your fence once it’s completed. The prototypical white picket fence is usually made of wood, which requires more maintenance than other materials because the slats and posts can warp and rot over time if not properly maintained.

After you know what you’re getting yourself into and what you want, consider hiring Fort Collins residential fences experts.

wooden residential fence

Reasons Why Hiring a Fort Collins Residential Fences Professional is Worth it

1. Cost

The first reason stems from a common misconception by DIY fencers. Many DIY-ers swear by their obsession with hand tools and paint because they believe it’s cheaper to complete home projects (like installing a fence) themselves than hiring professionals. While it’s certainly possible to build your fence for less than a professional would do it, you almost certainly need experience in this work to complete it will at a cheaper cost.

A professional job is much cheaper and faster than an inexperienced fence install. Have you ever tried to draw perfectly straight lines on a field for a pick-up game? Simply building a consistent and straight fence is difficult, let alone digging the post holes and hammering in the fence planks. The right fence installation company will go over the cost with you and help you make the right decision for your budget.

2. Correct Installation

The next reason is a simple concept: you can trust the fence will be installed correctly the first time. This ties into the first reason because an improperly installed fence is a quick way to go over-budget. Do your homework and find a quality fence installation team in your area so you can trust them to build your fence correctly. You’ll save yourself money and the headache of wondering if your fence will last and do its job properly.

Fencing experts also know the best materials for each scenario. So if you tell them why you want to install your fence where you want it, they’ll suggest the materials that will be the easiest to maintain and will stand up to the fierce northern Colorado winter (and fall, and spring, and summer, for that matter). The last thing you want is a fence that starts to rot at the first sign of moisture.

3. Easy Maintenance

The final main reason for hiring professionals to install your fence is that you can expect easy maintenance once it’s installed. Reputable professionals make it easy for their customers to keep their fences clean and structurally sound.

If there’s ever an issue with your fence and you need to have it repaired, you can call up your installers for repair work you can count on. Usually, fencing companies will help you out if something unexpected happens to your fence. Also, since your fence installers used the best-possible materials and their expertise the first time around, you won’t have to worry about premature maintenance tasks. Fencing specialists will also usually discuss the best maintenance tips when you choose your fence and materials.

4. It Requires More Expertise than You May Think

Attractive, modern fences often use a mix of materials and require skill and experience to install masterfully. You may need to be well-versed in mortaring, carpentry, welding, and metalworking. In fact, even the simplest fence can be a hassle to install. Fence installation is by no means simple, and there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong.

For example, professionals will accurately measure every part of your fence. However, if you’re off by even a fraction of an inch, that inaccuracy will be magnified down the line of your fence. It’s all too easy to end up with a lopsided or uneven fence.

installing a fence

5. It’s Hard Labor

Let’s face it—fence installation is hard work. You’re out in the elements doing backbreaking work. Fencing materials can be quite heavy, and digging postholes is no one’s idea of fun. There’s ample opportunity to injure yourself as well. Wouldn’t you rather be inside relaxing or spending time with your family? When you use a professional fencing installer, someone else gets to do the hard work.

6. Professionals Have Access to Better Materials

If you try to erect a fence yourself, you’re going to have to choose, purchase, and haul your own materials. You’ll be limited to what you can get in a home improvement store and probably won’t be able to buy direct from a fencing manufacturer.

On the other hand, if you choose a professional fence installation service, they’ll have access to a wider variety and better quality of materials. You’ll be able to work with your fencing contractor to secure the exact type and style of fence you want. You can even get custom features and decorative elements that would be difficult or impossible to obtain on your own.

7. You Can Get a Good Warranty

If you go the do-it-yourself route with your fence, there are no guarantees. You might be able to get a short warranty on the materials themselves, but there is nothing backing up the quality of the workmanship or installation. If you overlooked a detail or made a mistake, you may have to start the job from scratch.

Of course, if the installation is done by a professional fencing company, then the work will include a warranty. The best companies even offer multi-year guarantees. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, it will be made right.

5 Rules for Finding the Right Professional Fence Company

While you may know the value of hiring the pros, picking out a fence company can be a difficult process due to the sheer amount of companies and differing rates. While prices seem like a definite starting point, they don’t always determine the actual quality of the work that will get done. Your fence is going to have to blend into your landscaping and stand as a lasting structure on your property.

home with decorative picket fence

You should pick out a company that will build a fence that suits your needs. The following are some rules you should follow when picking the right company.

1. Never Base Your Decision on the Quote

Money isn’t everything, as the saying goes, and you shouldn’t base your decision solely on the price of the job that will be performed. This is the number one rule because the differences between individual fencing companies go beyond the price.

2. Services Should Be Personal

This almost goes without saying, but you should choose a fence company that will work with you as an individual. Sometimes different companies will go for quantity over quality, and your project will be treated as a number. You might even end up with something completely different from what you asked for.

3. Timelines

Work with a company that adheres to the previously placed schedule, obviously accounting for weather and other incidents that might delay construction. Companies should come up with a clear schedule that shows the project from its start to completion. Simple fencing repairs usually last a day, but larger projects could last up to a week.

4. Guarantees and Offers

A fence company should work to create a lasting relationship with its customers. Most often, that means giving a guarantee for completed projects, which means there will be free repairs if something goes wrong. However, the company could also provide offers such as discounts on repairs or replacements in the future as the new fence is worn down over time.

vinyl privacy fence

5. Look Out for Any Signs of Potential Problems

Your intuition is a lot more valuable than you think. Many people get a gut feeling right off the bat, but go through with a project anyway out of guilt or resistance towards those feelings. While being critical of your doubts is a good thing, you should not be afraid to back out if you feel like something is wrong.

A fence is the visible border for your back yard and blends into the landscaping to create a cohesive yard. It helps provide a sense of privacy and safety to the yard as it protects from onlookers and animals that would try to get in. Fences wear down over time and eventually you will need to hire a fence company for maintenance.

Choosing a fencing company can be hard work because there is a lot of competition in the industry. However, if you pay attention to the above rules, then you should be able to weed them out and get the fence company you can trust for the project at hand.

Professional Help Matters

Again, don’t be afraid to try some DIY projects around your home, but fencing is more complicated than it seems. Consider hiring professionals to get a fence guaranteed to last and give you want you want for your property.

Have questions or want to get a quote for your fence project? Contact Altitude Fence and Deck today.

Proper Fence Installation: What You Need to Know

Proper Fence Installation: What You Need to Know

fence installation services in fort collinsInstalling a new fence is tricky for a number of reasons. Before you set out on your fence installation project, there are several factors you must consider. First, consider hiring reputable fence installation services in Fort Collins to help you make the project go as smoothly as possible and to ensure a beautiful final result.  Whether you decide to handle your fence installation project on your own or rely on the services of a skilled, professional fencing company, here are some of the most common factors you should consider before getting started.

Tips for Proper Fence Installation

  • Protect your fence

If you are tackling the project on your own, consider staining your fence or applying clear wood preservatives. Depending on what your fence manufacturer has applied to the fence, you can stain or finish your fence before you put it up. Some fences are treated by the manufacturer, which in some cases can prevent your stain from setting if you try to stain it yourself. No matter what you apply to your fence, make sure to let it dry completely before handling it.

  • Hang your gate on solid hinges

Most people undersize the hinges on which the gate sits when they try to build their own fences. Gate posts must be set deeper in the ground and more cement has to be poured around them. Make sure that your hinges and posts are able to hold the gate properly.

  • Beauty in the front, business in the back

Sometimes nasty-looking fences can cause bad blood between neighbors. Remember that your neighbors and friends will be seeing the outside of the fence, so make sure that it gives off the positive impression you are hoping to give. If your fence has a decidedly more ‘functional’ side that contrasts from the pretty side, be careful to face the pretty side out. From start to finish, make sure you’re paying attention to your fence calculations so that it goes up evenly as you’ve intended.

Regulations to Remember

Most property codes around the United States have stipulations for fence installation and property modifications that you must follow. The city of Fort Collins, for example, has fencing regulations that can be found here.

  • Permits

In Fort Collins and most other jurisdictions in Northern Colorado, you don’t need a building permit to install a fence less than six feet tall. Anything taller than six feet requires a permit, and front, side, and rear yard building setbacks.

  • Check your zoning

Usually, if you live in a residential area, you’re free and clear to build a fence, but there could be zoning requirements in play. It’s better to know for sure from the start instead of having to work things out after your fence is already installed. Check your zoning regulations before you begin.

  • Check your fencing standards

Different jurisdictions may have different overall standards for fences. In Fort Collins, fences can’t be higher than four feet between the front building line and the front property line.

Hire a Fence Installation Service

This is only the start of your fence installation project. Remember that it is key that you fully understand any regulations you must follow so that you don’t have to tear down a fence that’s already been installed and start over.

A professional fencing company can help make your fence installation project as easy as possible. Professionals have the skills and proper tools to complete the job efficiently and beautifully. A local company is usually also going to be quite familiar with the regulations, permits, and standards you will have to meet.

Ready to hire professional fence installation services in Fort Collins? Contact Altitude Fence and Deck today.

5 Things About Fencing You Won’t Learn at the Loveland Home and Garden Show

5 Things About Fencing You Won’t Learn at the Loveland Home and Garden Show

fort collins home garden show 2018When it comes time to install a new fence for your yard for any reason—keeping the dog from running away, privacy, decoration, etc.—you have to be purposeful. Ask yourself why you’re building the fence and the design, materials, and all the other decisions will become much easier. A privacy fence, for example will have to be tall enough to keep peeping eyes out of your property, which means you’ll need a sturdier design than the typical white picket fence for decoration.

The upcoming Northern Colorado Home and Garden Show in Loveland is a great opportunity to find products and ideas for landscaping and yard maintenance, but you won’t find all the answers there. Let’s take a look at a few things you might not consider or learn at the Home and Garden Show:

Protect Your Posts

Here’s a free tip: all fence posts, if they’re made of wood, will rot at some point. It doesn’t matter how much you stain the surface of the wood or which type of wood you choose.

Cedar fences, for example can be made of several different types of cedar, and not all cedars are created equal. Western red cedar is considered the best of the bunch, and all cedar trees produce a natural acid that helps keep insects and decay away, but if left un-repaired indefinitely, eventually you’ll see some rot. One solution to this is to use galvanized metal fence posts, which can withstand gale force winds and never rust or rot.

Consider Vinyl

vinyl fence cutawayVinyl fences don’t only come in one color. The white vinyl fences you may have seen are not the only option with this material. Vinyl fences can match any decoration and landscaping theme. If you can find vinyl fencing that is specifically designed to handle a Colorado climate, that’s the best option. Vinyl fences require little maintenance if installed correctly and can last for years.

The Mixed Fence

Did you know that you don’t have to commit to the same type of fence all the way around your home and/or yard? Connecting your beautiful white picket fence in the front with a simple chain link fence in the back enables you to do multiple things with your fence: add decoration and provide security, while saving you the trouble of painting the entire perimeter.

You can Always Add Decoration Later

You don’t have to add all the features of your fence to the perimeter at the same time you install the fence. You can add decorative posts, entrances, and finials after you have the fence in the ground. Customize it further by planting some flowers or other plants at the base of the fence.

Keep HOAs in on the Plan

Homeowner Associations can derail landscaping and fencing plans if they’re not considered before the project starts. Sit in on HOA meetings with your contractor if possible, to give the folks in these associations to meet the contractors and fully understand the project before going forward. A little extra communication can’t hurt before undertaking a new fencing project.

Now that Spring has sprung, the time is now to get going on your next outdoor project. If you think that project has a fence in your future, consider these tips and the contractors at Altitude Fence and Deck.