As soon as you have an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool installed in your backyard, it is important to find a fence company in Greeley to put up a safety fence around the pool. In many communities, there are strict regulations about the height that a pool fence should be. Once you determine this, then you can work with the builders to choose a fencing material that best suits your needs.

Matching the Fencing to Your Deck

When installing a pool, many homeowners have a deck builder in Greeley make a deck as well. The sealed deck not only serves the functions of having a clean and smooth surface for getting into and out of the pool, it also helps to disperse moisture from the pool and keep it off of the landscaping and out of the house. One way to create a beautiful pool fencing system is to have the fencing company, like Altitude Fence and Deck, match the wooden or composite fencing to the same material that was used to build the deck.

Metal Fencing Systems

The type of fencing material that you choose should be compliant with any local regulations as well as requirements of your homeowner’s association. For safety, some communities prohibit glass pool fencing. Black metal post fencing is a popular choice, as it resists corrosion from the pool water. The simple styling of this type of fencing is complementary to most architectural styles of homes, and is easy to coordinate with decks and patios.

Wooden Fences

Wooden fences for pools are another popular choice since it provides more privacy than metal fencing. You can select popular hardwoods such as maple or oak, both of which readily accept stains and paints. The stains and paints allow you to create a customized look to your fencing. The woods can also match the woods used on your deck. Some homeowners like the look of wood, but do not want to deal with maintaining it. In this situation, an engineered wood product is a great option. Engineered wood is water and mold resistant and looks like hardwood fencing.

No matter what type of fence you decide to use, keep in mind that there’s a more practical necessity for putting it up, and that is to preserve you and your family’s privacy when you enjoy a dip in the pool.

It may be time to start thinking about hiring a professional contractor for your pool fence project. Contact Altitude today to get your quote.


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Fences are commonly found on both commercial and residential properties, and there are numerous styles that are found throughout the Greeley area. A fence can add character and individuality to a home, and you may be wondering how you can customize your fence to make it unique. Before you get in touch with a fence or deck builder in Greeley, such as Altitude Fence and Deck, in order to get assistance with the installation or replacement of a fence around your property, first consider what type of fence you want to be installed. Here are some tips. 

Think About the Look of the Fence

Fences can be smaller in size, such as with a waist-high picket fence, and they can be towering over your head, such as with a chain link or stone privacy fence. The look of the fence on the front or the rear of the property will impact curb appeal and can affect the overall style of the home for years to come. Consider how the different materials that may be used will influence the overall look of your property, and think about size, visibility, and embellishments as well. Personalize the fence in various ways by mixing the materials or adding special designs with the installation pattern.

Focus on the Functionality of the Fence

While you may be focused on the look of your fence, another important factor to focus on is its functionality. For example, you may want to enclose your yard for your pets and kids. You may want to bolster security or improve the look of your property. Some features, for instance, such as spindles on the top of fence posts or ample lighting on the fence can enhance security. In many cases, a property owner will have multiple goals in mind when installing a fence and some fence types may be more suitable for achieving those goals than others.

Installing a new fence can be a costly project to complete, but it can add value, individual style, and functional benefits to your property. It is important to review all of the style and material options available as a first step. Then, consider which of the options will help you achieve the primary goals you have in mind for building the fence. You may also want to check with your homeowner’s association to check if there are special requirements or regulations in place for building fences in your area. Once you have those important things figured out, it’s time to call the professionals.


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There are many different ways that households in Greeley can get new decks and fences around their homes, and you need to work with a fence company that can get most of the work done. These fencing experts are responsible for showing you a design for the deck or fence and establish a timetable that allows them to start right away.

These companies are going to give you an estimate that is going to help you understand how much you are going to spend on the project, and you will be able to trim the cost of the job until you are happy with it. This is going to help you pick out the right materials, the design you want, and the company is going to help you with a work crew that is going to do the work for you. Putting up your own deck or fence would take too long, but a professional work crew can do the job in a few hours.

Freedom to Choose Something New

The best part of these designs is the freedom you have to make something new. You can get a fence that you have always wanted, and you can ask the designer to show you how the fence is going to work around the house. Superimposing images on the design will show you what the finished product will look like, and the same is true of your brand new deck.

Specialized Requests

You can get a deck that has more than one level, and you can ask the people working on the deck to give you specific kinds of gates, rails and other little additions that make the deck really exciting. A nice deck is not going to help you unless it is the style you want.

You must ask for the design that you want the most, and you must keep working with the design company until they give you what you want. You can get a deck built around your pool, or it can be in a unique shape that makes your back yard more fun to relax in.

Getting a new fence or deck for your home can be pretty easy if you are willing to work with a company that can build one for you. These companies can create a nice border for your home or outdoor lounge space to accompany the house. Entrust your needs only with a trusted fence or deck builder in Greeley, like those from Altitude Fence and Deck, and start reaping the benefits today.


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Fencing That Has Strength to Stand the Test of Time

{Updated April 14, 2020}

As a leading fence company in Greeley, we know that when selecting a fence for your home or business, the many choices out there can be overwhelming. Fences come in a wide variety of materials and finishes. Wood, bamboo, iron, and vinyl are only a few examples. Each type of fence has its own unique properties. However, perhaps one of the best types of fence is vinyl fencing. Vinyl has grown in popularity in recent years because of its versatility and affordability. 


In This Article, Here Is What We Will Cover

northern colorado vinyl fence packages

Reasons to Consider a Vinyl Fence

Why is a vinyl fence installation an excellent option for your fence needs?

1. Low Maintenance

Vinyl fences are known for their extremely low maintenance requirements. Unlike wooden fencing, which requires regular staining and anti-rot treatment to maintain it, vinyl fencing requires little to no maintenance treatments. A simple wash with household soap and water will remove most dirt and grime from the surface. Vinyl fencing does not lose its color and will not rot.

2. Durability, Strength, and Flexibility

Vinyl fencing is almost five times as strong as wood and can withstand a fair amount of abuse. It is also less likely to collapse during high winds and heavy rains. This type of fence is ideal for locations near the seaside, as they are resistant to saltwater exposure. It is also a good option for fencing in pasture animals. Vinyl is impervious to the teeth of animals and will not hurt them if they attempt to run through it. Regarding its flexibility, Susan Bady from says that “a vinyl fence is more resilient than wood and will “give” under extreme stress. The rails may disengage from the posts, but they won’t break.” The flexibility and the strength of vinyl makes it apt material for fencing in Fort Collins and other places that experience four distinct seasons, as well as for households and establishments that require to fence in pets or livestock.

northern colorado vinyl fencing for livestock

3. Inexpensive

Purchasing a vinyl fence is significantly cheaper than the purchase of an equal amount of wood or wrought iron fencing. Vinyl fencing requires virtually no maintenance, thereby saving the costs of primer and rust preventatives. Since it maintains its color, vinyl fencing also requires no painting or staining.

4. Easy to Install

Vinyl fences are easy to install and will not take a long time. In her article, Susan Bady said, “No fasteners or welding equipment are required. Drill a hole in the ground, drop in the vinyl post, compact the earth around it or set it in concrete, and insert the rails inside the posts.” A fence contractor in Greeley can help you get your vinyl fence up and ready to go within a day or two, depending on the scope of the fencing project. Should any damage occur, replacement of a vinyl fence is simple.

5. Non-Toxic

Vinyl fencing is not treated with hazardous chemicals and is made from 51 percent chlorine, a material derived from salt, and 49 percent hydrocarbons, which are derived from natural gas. Vinyl fencing is very energy-efficient and requires three times less energy to produce than aluminum. Due to the fact that it uses 51 percent chlorine in its design, vinyl contains fewer hydrocarbons than plastics that use hydrocarbons alone.

vinyl fence non-toxic materials

Fort Collins fencing experts at companies like Altitude Fence and Deck will only be too happy to talk to you more about the benefits of using vinyl fencing. Don’t hesitate to call them if you are interested in installing a vinyl fence.


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How Long Do Vinyl Fences Last Compared to Wood?

When you’re installing a fence on your property, you want it to last for a long time. With proper care, wood fences can last from around 15 or 20 to 30 years. However, they are subject to pests, decay, weather, and fungus. Eventually, wood will start to break down. Keep in mind that to keep a wood fence in good condition, you’ll have to spend money on maintenance. Also, to get a wooden fence that will last longer, you may have to purchase a chemically-treated product.

wood vs vinyl


Unlike wood, vinyl fences need little to no maintenance and can last from 20 to 30 years. Depending on where you purchase your fence, you may also get a lifetime warranty. In that case, your vinyl fence could last for a lifetime.


What Is the Cost of a Vinyl Fence?

Did you know that vinyl actually costs less than cedar?  Cedar wood comes from Canada. Because of the really high taxes, the prices of wood have really been pushed up, making vinyl a far more affordable fence option. 

The national average for vinyl fence cost according to Home Advisor is $3593. Your fence cost will vary, depending on whether you are installing a privacy fence, picket fence, etc.

For a picket fence, you may be paying from around $15 to $20 per linear foot for your vinyl fence materials. For a taller, privacy fence, you may be paying more like $30 to $40 per linear foot for materials.

To get a relatively good idea of the cost of a vinyl fence for your particular project, you can go check out the cost calculator on Home Advisor’s website.

vinyl fence calculator by home advisor screenshot

Vinyl Fence Installation Process

When someone is looking to install a fence, they often have questions about the process. Of course, before any installation begins, every homeowner needs to be sure they’ve checked with their HOA (if applicable) to make sure they know the guidelines for fences in their area.

Do I Need to Cement Vinyl Posts?

In order to make your fence as stable as possible, we highly recommend you do cement the posts for your vinyl fence. The taller your fence, the more important it is to reinforce your posts.

How Deep Should the Post Hole Be?

Dig your post whole from 18 to 24 inches deep. The depth of your hole will depend on the height of the vinyl fence you ordered. You will want to cement around the pole within the top two inches of the hole

Will I Need Brackets and Screws?

One incredible benefit of installing vinyl fences, whether you have a professional fence company help or are doing it yourself, is that they are much easier to install than wood fences. You will not need any screws or brackets to install a vinyl fence.

What Style Options Are Available for Vinyl Fences?

Vinyl fences come in a range of different styles to meet your specific needs.

Vinyl Privacy Fence

If you are looking for a fence that will provide more privacy for your property, a vinyl privacy fence is your best option. These fences come with no gaps between the fence slats. You can also opt for a semi-private fence that will have small spaces between the slats. This will allow for air and light to get through.

Your privacy fence can be relatively simple, or you can choose to buy options with decorative borders at the top, like this lattice-top vinyl fence for example:

Lattice-top vinyl privacy fence

From flat top and rounded vinyl privacy fences to different styles and shapes for the post tops, you have lots of options to get a fence that matches your style.

Vinyl Picket Fence

If you are not necessarily looking for more privacy but want a decorative fence that can still mark off your property and keep the dog in the yard, a picket fence is a great style option.

white vinyl picket fence

If you’re looking for something beyond the typical vinyl picket fence, you can opt for a dog-ear vinyl fence. This is similar to a picket fence but has a concaved design from post to post.

Vinyl Post and Rail Fence

If you are looking for an option for your livestock, a post and rail fence in vinyl is perfect for livestock enclosure. If your fence is intended to keep your animals on your property, you’ll want to go with a 3 or 4 rail fence. However, if you choose to use a post and rail fence simply for decorative purposes, a two-rail fence will make more sense.

vinyl rail and post fencing for livestock



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Being “green” is the trend these days, and many commodities have taken the sustainable route. From buildings and transportation to machinery and devices, becoming more eco-friendly has become the name of the game.

One eco-friendly material that’s worth venturing into is bamboo. For thousands of years, bamboo has been used widely in Asian cultures as a building material, but it was only a few years ago that the west became aware of its benefits. Yet, despite just a short amount of time, bamboo has become a serious contender in the world construction market. Strong, flexible and versatile, bamboo gives you plenty of reasons to start going “green.” Altitude Fence and Deck supports the “green” trend by providing bamboo fences.

Benefits of Bamboo

A study being conducted by the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) in the Singapore-ETH Centre is currently looking at bamboo as a possible replacement for steel and concrete as a reinforcement material in building construction. “Bamboo has long been recognised in many building traditions around the world for its outstanding mechanical and physical properties,” according to Alireza Javadian, Doctoral Researcher from the FCL chair of architecture and construction, in a recent article.

He adds, “Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, is self-regenerative, easy to obtain and therefore is very inexpensive,” and proceeds to describe it as ‘the super-fibre of the 21st century.’

Installing Bamboo Fences

As bamboo’s popularity increases, it’s being used in more and more items, creating plenty of opportunities for you to make your home “green”. Bamboo can be found in a wide range of products, including furniture, sheets, blocks, paper, helmets, skateboards, and fences. Bamboo fences, in particular, provide numerous benefits to your home. They provide privacy without ruining the home’s aesthetic appeal. They can transform a drab backyard or an unpainted wall into some sort of urban oasis. They are termite-resistant as well.

If you’re looking for a highly sustainable way to protect your home and premises, contacting a fence company in Greeley about installing a fence made of bamboo is something you should seriously consider. Fence companies offering “green” practices, like Altitude Fence and Deck, are known for quality materials and superior workmanship in construction projects, including bamboo fences.

Clearly, bamboo has come a long way, and it looks like it’s time you introduced this sturdy and sustainable material into your home. Contact a fence contractor in Greeley for the best bamboo fence and installation work you won’t find anywhere else.


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Are you looking for your next worthwhile renovation project? You might want to turn to your local fence company for some ideas, which would be both useful and creative. A grand makeover for your fences will surely be a significant improvement to many aspects of your home, and the project comes with many benefits.

Here are three practical lists to rebuild or redesign the fences around your home, farm, or other properties:

1. To Make Maintenance Easier and Cost Less

If your makeshift screens or old barriers are giving you more trouble than they’re worth, it’s high time to get them replaced or made over. Even the simple trick of painting the fences black can save you a lot of time and money in maintenance.

That’s exactly what an iconic horse park in Kentucky is planning with its 30-mile stretch of white plank fencing. The new paint job is expected to save them around $50,000 every year (because white fences need more frequent repainting or cleaning jobs).

2. To Make Your Premises Safer and More Private

You must have solid, secure, and well-designed fences to avoid safety risks and maximize your privacy. This is particularly important if you have a pool, which is a threat to very young kids and pets, and if you have expensive possessions at home that could attract burglars. Of course, you would also feel more comfortable hanging out in your furnished deck or backyard if you’re not subjected to the prying eyes of neighbors.

Even a highly guarded building, like the White House, knows the value of the right barriers. They’re continuously looking for fence upgrades that will keep wrongdoers, and even some intoxicated civilians, from easily getting access to the place.

3. To Make Your Entire Curb Appeal More Gorgeous

Aside from the functional advantages you can enjoy with fences, they can also give you benefits that are aesthetic in nature. You can ask your contractor to come up with a design combining various materials, to make your landscape look more stylish. If your home is contemporary, it would look more gorgeous with fences made of metallic materials or even translucent glass.

If your heart’s set on retaining your wooden planks, you can have the appropriate repairs done and consider a fresh coat of paint and finishing. An established fence and deck builder in Greeley, like Altitude Fence and Deck, can identify what damages need to be addressed in your fences and help you decide how to breathe new life into the structures.


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