Proper Fence Installation: What You Need to Know

Proper Fence Installation: What You Need to Know

fence installation services in fort collinsInstalling a new fence is tricky for a number of reasons. Before you set out on your fence installation project, there are several factors you must consider. First, consider hiring reputable fence installation services in Fort Collins to help you make the project go as smoothly as possible and to ensure a beautiful final result.  Whether you decide to handle your fence installation project on your own or rely on the services of a skilled, professional fencing company, here are some of the most common factors you should consider before getting started.

Tips for Proper Fence Installation

  • Protect your fence

If you are tackling the project on your own, consider staining your fence or applying clear wood preservatives. Depending on what your fence manufacturer has applied to the fence, you can stain or finish your fence before you put it up. Some fences are treated by the manufacturer, which in some cases can prevent your stain from setting if you try to stain it yourself. No matter what you apply to your fence, make sure to let it dry completely before handling it.

  • Hang your gate on solid hinges

Most people undersize the hinges on which the gate sits when they try to build their own fences. Gate posts must be set deeper in the ground and more cement has to be poured around them. Make sure that your hinges and posts are able to hold the gate properly.

  • Beauty in the front, business in the back

Sometimes nasty-looking fences can cause bad blood between neighbors. Remember that your neighbors and friends will be seeing the outside of the fence, so make sure that it gives off the positive impression you are hoping to give. If your fence has a decidedly more ‘functional’ side that contrasts from the pretty side, be careful to face the pretty side out. From start to finish, make sure you’re paying attention to your fence calculations so that it goes up evenly as you’ve intended.

Regulations to Remember

Most property codes around the United States have stipulations for fence installation and property modifications that you must follow. The city of Fort Collins, for example, has fencing regulations that can be found here.

  • Permits

In Fort Collins and most other jurisdictions in Northern Colorado, you don’t need a building permit to install a fence less than six feet tall. Anything taller than six feet requires a permit, and front, side, and rear yard building setbacks.

  • Check your zoning

Usually, if you live in a residential area, you’re free and clear to build a fence, but there could be zoning requirements in play. It’s better to know for sure from the start instead of having to work things out after your fence is already installed. Check your zoning regulations before you begin.

  • Check your fencing standards

Different jurisdictions may have different overall standards for fences. In Fort Collins, fences can’t be higher than four feet between the front building line and the front property line.

Hire a Fence Installation Service

This is only the start of your fence installation project. Remember that it is key that you fully understand any regulations you must follow so that you don’t have to tear down a fence that’s already been installed and start over.

A professional fencing company can help make your fence installation project as easy as possible. Professionals have the skills and proper tools to complete the job efficiently and beautifully. A local company is usually also going to be quite familiar with the regulations, permits, and standards you will have to meet.

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How to Make Refinishing Wood Fences Easy

How to Make Refinishing Wood Fences Easy

refinishing wood fences tipsFort Collins fences have to stand up to more abuse than fences in many other areas of the country because of the unpredictable weather. Refinishing wood fences helps protect their materials from being damaged by moisture and cold in the winter, and from intense sunshine in the summer. Stains protect yet flaunt wood’s natural grain and pattern, but they need to be re-layered every season or so to keep doing what they’re designed to do.

Here are a few easy tips for refinishing wood fences to keep them beautiful and undamaged:

Wash All Debris Off the Fence First

Pressure wash your fence for the fastest results. If you pressure wash, make sure you protect yourself with gloves and goggles. Debris coming off the fence can sometimes get in your eyes. Also, be careful not to damage your fence with too much water pressure.

Clearing the fence’s surface of debris will prevent you from staining dirt and grit onto the fence permanently. After you’ve washed your fence, you’ll need to let it dry for at least 24 hours before refinishing it. Pay attention to the weather as well. If storms are threatening, or if the air is otherwise humid, wait an additional 24 hours before applying stain.

Another pro tip is to repair all cracks in the wood with wood glue before applying the stain.

Use a Combination of Rollers and Brushes

If you have a large, long fence, it’s best to treat it like you would a painting project. Use a roller set aside only for staining that covers large areas quickly and evenly. The best roller for oil-based stains is a medium nap roller. Go back after using the roller and touch up the edges and small missed spots with a brush.

After you’re done with your first coat, wait at least an hour before applying the second. Many fence owners like to stain and re-stain the wood multiple times to ensure full protection and enhanced stain color. Letting the stain sit will allow it to penetrate the wood and protect its natural beauty. Typically, one coat is enough, but many homeowners find themselves unsatisfied with the color after only one coat.

Cover with a Wood Sealer

The final tip is to apply a wood sealer or “wash coat” to the wood when you’re satisfied with the stain coverage and color. Wait 72 hours after you apply the final coat of stain or refinisher to the fence before you paint on the wood sealer.

Wood sealer dries fast, so work quickly. Try to apply the sealer in long, even strokes. This seals off the wood’s pores and gives the finished fence a glossy appearance.

Staining your fence for protection against outdoor exposure is a good idea to keep it from succumbing to rot and other damage. Remember, you want to showcase the natural beauty of the wood with your stain, so take your time and make sure you get an even coat all the way around.

For additional tips on how to care for your wood fence, click here.

Wood Fence Installation

Is your fence past the point of repair? If you are looking for a trusted company to install a new fence for your residential home in the Fort Collins area, contact us today.

How to Build a Wood Fence: The Easy Method

How to Build a Wood Fence: The Easy Method

Installing a wood fence requires energy and time, but it is frequently worth it as you can have privacy without detracting from the appearance of your landscape. Even if you do not develop a high fence, a wood fence around your yard can avoid unwanted animals (like pets) from entering into your lawn.

Before you take on the project of building a wood fence, there are a couple of things to consider when it comes to preparation and executing your plan.

  1. Understand your property bounds. The last thing you want to do is upset the neighbors.
  2. Depending on how HOA requirements, there may be special considerations you need to be aware of
  3. Understand the fencing options that are available. Your fence should be aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional.

loveland privacy fence installation

Aesthetic Considerations For A Wood Fence

When building a wood fence, it’s important to consider the aesthetics of the completed fence. While some designs have posts extend above the top of the fence for ornamental functions, some fences are only as high as the posts.

Another type of design is an open fence design that does not use panels. Instead, this design utilizes latticework, or even straight boards are the primary components that provide personal privacy.

If you would like your installation to go smoothly, you preparation is key. Understanding the priority and sequence of installing your fence is key. This cannot be overstated enough.

Be sure that you have a strategy for your fence, based upon the preparation discussed above. Know where you are going to position your posts ahead of time, and have a concept of how high you want your fences. If you have properly prepared your fence, then you will be able to finish it that much quicker.

As soon as you have your posts in place, you are all set to construct a fence. Follow the strategy thoroughly, and try to adhere to your budget plan. When you have everything correctly prepared ahead of time, you will be amazed to recognize how quick the work goes, and how great your fence looks like an intended part of your landscape.

While chain link fences are used in some landscapes, a lot of people prefer to make use of wooden fences when constructing an attractive view. Even if the fence you’re building isn’t very tall, a wood fence around your yard can avoid unwanted animals (like dogs) from getting into your backyard.

These are the aspects that nearly every fence consists of, and are almost generally needed to develop a reliable and appealing wooden fence.

How Much Value Does a Fence Add to Your Home?

How Much Value Does a Fence Add to Your Home?

Privacy Fence Installations Fort Collins There are many reasons to buy and install a fence for your Fort Collins home. A front yard fence can be its own decoration, adding a touch of order and elegance, especially the oft-idealized white picket fence. Fences can add a sense of privacy and convenience if you have children or pets, and if done right, they can add significant curbside appeal.

The reasons for adding a fence vary from person to person. Most Fort Collins real estate experts would agree that adding an ‘upgrade’ such as a fence with a gate adds value to any property. The question is how much you can expect to improve your property’s value by adding a fence.

Environmental Factors

Especially in Fort Collins, simply having a physical barrier between you and the many critters that call Northern Colorado home is never a bad thing. While squirrels, rats, mice, and worse can certainly get under, around, through, or over a fence, these animals will also more likely forage, nest, and meander in properties less encumbered by obstacles. It doesn’t require a scientific study to guess that properties with fences—possibly even decorative ones—are less likely to be infested with non-insect pests.

Even low fences can help protect landscaping and property from the elements as well. They can keep blowing snow at bay, impede invading plant life, and serve as windbreaks.

Pets and Children

Backyard Pet Fence InstallationMoving from an apartment to a house when you have dogs and/or babies on board is a dream come true. No more walking your dog around constantly with a thousand plastic bags in your pocket. No more confining your kids to four walls at every moment. Dogs can do their business in the yard, and children can come and go outdoors as they please…all because of a fence.


Privacy means different things to different people. Some don’t want random strangers wandering through their yard. Some don’t want anyone to peer into their backyard, while others simply want a clear boundary between their property and their neighbor’s. You can put in a fence that will give you the level of privacy you desire. Fences, no matter the type, add privacy for houses in the country or the city, and with every type of front and back yard.

Defining a space is a form of privacy—it lets visitors know when they’ve crossed into someone else’s domain. Fences clearly define your property, so there’s no ambiguity.

Fences allow you to better plan your space, too, after you’ve defined it. With clear demarcation of what you have to work with, you can plan landscaping projects—another value addition—more efficiently.

In short, the exact value fences add depend on location and the needs of the buyer. People moving with kids and pets might pay more for the luxury of a fence, for instance. Aesthetic issues—such as whether the fence stands up straight, matches the property, is ornate—matter, too. But, there’s no doubt that installing a fence adds convenience, security, and definition to any property, all of which are extremely valuable.



One easy way to make your yard in Greeley more appealing and add privacy is to hire pros from a leading fence company to install a fence. While a fence may usually consist of wooden stakes, it can also be anything that creates a boundary between your property and your neighbor’s property. What benefits can you derive from installing a fence in your yard?

The Neighbors Can’t Peak in Anymore

If you have neighbors who are outside a lot or you live in a neighborhood where the homes are close together, you may not have much privacy. Although your neighbors may not mean to pry, it may be unavoidable to see into your bedroom or watch you while you swim or simply enjoy quality time with your family in the backyard. Your fence will make you feel better about living in your home while also protecting you from anyone who may legitimately be spying on you.

Keep Other People’s Pets Off Your Yard

While you may love your dog or cat, your furry pal may not extend the same affection for other animals. Dogs can be very protective of their owners and lash out if they feel like their territory has been invaded. Cats may become nervous and act out if they see other animals even if they are indoors. They may see the other animal as a threat, but they can’t take their aggression out on that animal. Instead, they may claw, hiss or swat at you or your other animals. Therefore, keeping other animals away can make life easier for your beloved pets as well.

Add Some Aesthetic Value to Your Yard

If you opt for a row of hedges or trees to act as a barrier, you could make your yard look nicer while helping to keep you safe. It could boost the value of your property or just give it a unique look that the neighbors are sure to appreciate and that you will treasure for years to come.

A professional fence company and deck builder in Greeley like Altitude Fence and Deck may be able to help you build the fence that you desire. Experienced contractors can recommend ideal materials for your fence, source them, and then install them in a timely and efficient manner. Opting for a professional installation may save time and money while also being safer than trying to do it yourself.


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Are you planning to remodel your deck yourself? In an article for Time magazine, editor-in-chief Anne Reagan suggests stepping back first and thinking about what your remodel will entail. Will your deck just need a few touch-ups, or do you want a total makeover? For complicated or detailed jobs, you might want to leave it to a licensed contractor.

If you’re still not convinced, here are various ways a skilled deck builder in Greeley can make a difference in remodeling your outdoor space. Here are three reasons why you may find that hiring an experienced contractor is necessary:

1. Determining the necessity of minor vs. large-scale remodels

An experienced deck builder can assess if your deck needs only simple cleaning and maintenance or if it needs an extensive overhaul due to serious problems like mold and dry rot. The contractor may also offer free estimates for restoring a damaged deck, and advice on materials to make the refurbished or new deck versatile and long-lasting.

2. Improving the style of the deck

Aside from enhancing the durability and lifespan of your deck, expert-recommended decking products like natural-looking composites can also improve the deck’s appearance. If you sign up for a comprehensive makeover, the pro can suggest designs and accessories, such as a fence, to increase the outdoor space’s sophisticated look and feel or match it to your lifestyle and the rest of your home.

3. Assuring quality and satisfaction

Unlike in DIY projects, you can be confident in the workmanship of a trusted deck and fence company in Greeley like Altitude Fence and Deck. The company professionals are licensed and fully insured, while the services come with warranties to give you peace of mind while they work on your home, and to ensure your satisfaction with the results.

(Source: Remodeling Your Deck: When to DIY, When to Hire a Pro, Time, June 20, 2014)