Horses are becoming even more numerous throughout Denver, as they are in many parts of the U.S. As new horses are bought, fencing in these animals safely becomes a primary concern. Owners tend to keep their horses close, which means if the population density of horses is high, then the population density for humans is high as well. Thus, horse fencing must be safe for the animals while providing a secure barrier so they may not escape into neighborhoods or roadways where they may pose a danger to motorists and pedestrians.

Once you’ve decided to retain the services of a good Denver fence contractor like Altitude Fence and Deck, the next step would be to select the type of fence to install. There are five main concerns when it comes to horse fencing, and these are: containment, aesthetics, maintenance, safety, and budget. Luckily, when it comes to fencing, horse owners have a wide variety of material and style choices. Here are the safest and most effective types of fencing for equine friends

According to, a website for people who love horses, “One of vinyl fencing’s first applications was in the equine industry because it prevents injury to horses and requires no traditional maintenance. In addition, most vinyl fences used to enclose horses are white, which can keep horses from colliding with them at night, and horses are not likely to crib on vinyl fences.” Vinyl is known for its strength, and many vinyl fences come with lengthy warranties, some up to a lifetime.


“Wooden post and rail and split rail have always been the traditional fences of choice for horse owners,” says the article. “Most wood fences are painted white or black, or are stained to help protect the wood from drying out and to look attractive,” it adds.

Electric Fencing

Old electric fences were made of electrified bare wires, that’s why many horse owners opted against it. However, modern electrified fencing now comes in PVC-coated wire, braid, and mesh. More and more horse owners today are using modern electrified fencing, although many remain adamant against it for humanitarian reasons and for animal protection.

If you want to provide your horses with the best fencing system for the best price, Denver fence companies like Altitude Fence and Deck can help. With the right fence, you can keep your steeds safe and secure.

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