Fences provide privacy and safety to your family and pets. They also add to the beauty of your home and surroundings. Fences can be made of varying materials like wood, vinyl, bamboo, and iron, but your choice will still largely depend on your residential needs.

Traditionally, wood has been the staple material for installing Denver decks and fences, and up to now, a lot of people still consider it for a number of reasons. A wooden fence generally enhances the aesthetic appeal of any home because of its classic feel; it is also a sturdy support for fence panels. Unlike other materials, a wooden fence is also easier to install because wood can be readily cut to the desired dimensions.

Cedar is one of the popular choices for wooden fence posts because it is highly resistant to water and mold. It is also visually appealing, fragrant, and less likely to warp and rot since it’s moisture resistant. It may be more costly than other types of wood, but it is still economical in the long run since it initially does not require painting. Fading will only occur after several years of direct exposure to sunlight.

Other materials such as metal and vinyl posts are prefabricated, which makes for less flexibility. Consequently, wooden fence posts are easier to attach to fence panels, and they can also be wedged with minimal effort in case there is too much of a gap between the posts. Modifying the appearance of tarnished wooden posts is more convenient since it only calls for a simple whitewash, preferably every two years.

Wooden fences are cost-effective in the long term, and may even be modified to your desired shape. Aside from being available in any size, it is biodegradable and environment-friendly. Table top, concave, arched, French gothic, picket, shadow box, lattice top and deck rail top are just a few of the popular choices for wood fencing designs.

If you want to have a wooden fence installed, you must hire a duly certified contractor to ensure that the materials are of superior quality, especially the pre-fab panel types. Reputable fence companies in Denver like Altitude Fence and Deck have years of experience in installing fences of different materials, sizes, shapes and designs.