Are you looking for your next worthwhile renovation project? You might want to turn to your local fence company for some ideas, which would be both useful and creative. A grand makeover for your fences will surely be a significant improvement to many aspects of your home, and the project comes with many benefits.

Here are three practical lists to rebuild or redesign the fences around your home, farm, or other properties:

1. To Make Maintenance Easier and Cost Less

If your makeshift screens or old barriers are giving you more trouble than they’re worth, it’s high time to get them replaced or made over. Even the simple trick of painting the fences black can save you a lot of time and money in maintenance.

That’s exactly what an iconic horse park in Kentucky is planning with its 30-mile stretch of white plank fencing. The new paint job is expected to save them around $50,000 every year (because white fences need more frequent repainting or cleaning jobs).

2. To Make Your Premises Safer and More Private

You must have solid, secure, and well-designed fences to avoid safety risks and maximize your privacy. This is particularly important if you have a pool, which is a threat to very young kids and pets, and if you have expensive possessions at home that could attract burglars. Of course, you would also feel more comfortable hanging out in your furnished deck or backyard if you’re not subjected to the prying eyes of neighbors.

Even a highly guarded building, like the White House, knows the value of the right barriers. They’re continuously looking for fence upgrades that will keep wrongdoers, and even some intoxicated civilians, from easily getting access to the place.

3. To Make Your Entire Curb Appeal More Gorgeous

Aside from the functional advantages you can enjoy with fences, they can also give you benefits that are aesthetic in nature. You can ask your contractor to come up with a design combining various materials, to make your landscape look more stylish. If your home is contemporary, it would look more gorgeous with fences made of metallic materials or even translucent glass.

If your heart’s set on retaining your wooden planks, you can have the appropriate repairs done and consider a fresh coat of paint and finishing. An established fence and deck builder in Greeley, like Altitude Fence and Deck, can identify what damages need to be addressed in your fences and help you decide how to breathe new life into the structures.


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