According to data published by the local government, Greeley is the most populous city in Weld County. What this means is that Greeley residents will have a good number of neighbors. The more neighbors you have, however, the keener you have to be with your responsibilities to the community, and it may not seem too pressing at first, but one of your biggest considerations is the fence around your property.

Why Your Fence Is Important

The fence does not only enclose your property. It serves as a sufficient mark of your property’s boundaries, making it easy for others to determine whether they’re already intruding your territory or yard space. A fence also keeps the members of your household safe, especially pets and children. With a fence, your little ones won’t easily run out of your yard and onto the street during playtime. The same is true for your pets with an addition that they won’t hurt anyone in case they react aggressively to a stranger or another animal.

Fences are not only good at keeping things in, but also at keeping things out. Stray animals and objects, which may break things inside your property like glass windows or trample your newly planted flowers, won’t easily get into your yard.

Aside from the functions stated above, your fence is also an opportunity to spruce up the curb appeal of your home. Indeed, having a beautiful and sturdy fence built around your property by an established fence company like Altitude Fence and Deck contributes to the overall safety, security, and look of your neighborhood.

The Many Options

Take note that when you talk to a fence contractor in Greeley you will discuss a number of things, including the purpose of the fence. You will then determine the right details for your fence such as height, design, and of course, the material. A post from HouseLogic, a website that features informative home improvement articles, presents a guide for fencing and it includes the different materials you can choose from. Below are some of them:

Wood. This can be argued as the most popular material for fences. The primary selling point of wood is its combination of affordability and style. You can achieve a nice traditional look at a budget-friendly price. Cedar is among the preferred variants of wood fences.

Vinyl. Made to look like wood, vinyl provides an opportunity to give you a natural-looking fence without the maintenance required by wood, though the upfront price is usually higher.

Wrought Iron. Fence systems of this material present classic beauty. Many contractors even allow for custom fabrication if you want to give your fence a unique look.


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