fort collins fence installation in winter

Professional fence installation in Fort Collins tends to heat up in summer when more homeowners feel the need to protect their outside areas. They’re more attuned to what their front and backyards look like in the summer, and they’re more motivated to ensure that these areas are prepared for summer outdoor activities, like cookouts with the neighbors. However, there are many advantages to buck the trend of summer professional fence installation and opt for a winter installation.

We enjoy many advantages of living in Northern Colorado. Yes, our winters are cold, but there are usually enough warm, sunny days even in December and January that the ground won’t be frozen solid all winter. This gives you an opportunity to get a jump on your fence installation project. Not waiting until spring to get that new fence installed can be beneficial to both your lifestyle and your wallet. Here’s why:

Advantages of Winter Fence Installation

Installing a fence offers many advantages, not the least of which is privacy. By getting your fence installed in the winter, you’ll be ready to reap all the benefits of having a fence right when you’ll be outside taking advantage of those outdoor areas in the months ahead. That’s not even mentioning the benefits of protecting your yard during the winter months.

Professional Fence Installers Can Install Your Fence Faster

Fence installers can put up your new fence faster in the winter because fewer people are booking these services during December than there are in April. Everyone gets spring fever and realizes they need a new fence, but you won’t have to wait to enjoy your new fence in the spring if you get it installed in the winter.

Increase Your Privacy During Winter

Some yards have evergreen trees that help maintain privacy during the winter, but if you don’t have any evergreens, your yard will look a little bare. Installing a fence now will help you had the privacy you want for your yard.

Protecting Your Plants is Easier During the Winter

Protecting your plant life during the installation process is easier during the winter. Since your trees and shrubs are dormant and without their extra leaves and growing limbs, they’re more out of the way and easier to work around.

Bottom Line

There is only one thing that could delay a fence installation in winter: the weather. When the ground freezes, the fence installation work is frozen along with it. But on many days when the ground is perfectly unfrozen, why not consider calling Altitude Fence and Deck for a professional fence installation job in the wintertime? Contact us today to get your estimate.