writer Sachin discusses some of the most common reasons why many homeowners prefer a metal fence to other materials. According to Sachin, the use of a material as durable and strong as metal when fencing is the most ideal way to safeguard a property from potential burglary or other forms of crime; additionally, a strong fence can keep children and pets within the property and away from the road. Homeowners should keep in mind several other factors to consider aside from strength when choosing metal fences, including cost, availability, and aesthetics.

One of the most populous cities in Colorado, Fort Collins experiences a relatively high crime rate, the biggest chunk being theft at around 3,500 cases per 100,000 households each year. While security systems in homes may work to deter theft or burglary, they are simply not enough to keep crooks from trying; thus, to lower the frequency of such incidences, homes should be barricaded properly. Fencing in Fort Collins may not completely stop a burglar from breaking in, but the delay it can create during intrusion can buy the homeowner some time to call for help.

Metals are known for their strength and durability; unlike wood and ceramics, they are hard to break, and with the right alloying technique, they can make the most durable fence for properties. Among the most commonly used metals for fence is wrought iron, a type of iron that has been worked white hot or molded by force. Companies like Altitude Fence and Deck provide wrought iron fences to property owners who prefer stronger and more durable protection.

According to Sachin, one of the downsides to metal fences is the misconception that they’re all about strength. However, metal fence manufacturers adopt design ideas that help improve their aesthethics.
Like wrought iron, steel is also known for its strength and beauty, making it suitable for practically all types of structures. Furthermore, most steel fences are designed in a way that metal fence posts can be easily integrated into sections of the steel fence.

Despite all its desirable properties, a metal fence is relatively cheaper compared to wood and vinyl. A Fort Collins fence may cost between $24 and $33 for every 150 linear feet; these figures may change based on several factors, including the homeowner’s preference and the inspector’s findings during onsite visit. Most reliable companies visit their clients’ property before making a final quote for the project.

Aside from offering protection, a metal Fort Collins fence contributes to the overall aesthetic value of a property. It is necessary in communities where crime rates are a bit high. Installing a fence not only protects properties but discourages crooks from entering.

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