A fence can serve many purposes; they can be decorative and improve your home’s curb appeal, and they can also provide a measure of security and privacy. Marilyn Lewis lists the benefits you can get from a fence in her article published in MSN Real Estate, and gave some pointers on what to consider when building a fence. These can prove especially helpful for residents of Denver, Colorado, where fences are a fixture in many communities.

Lewis says that in building a fence, you first need to identify the primary purpose you want it to serve. You can then discuss your needs with a reliable Denver fence company to get ideas on the appropriate design and materials for your fence. Talking with these professionals will also help you learn about the costs involved in building a fence.

One of the things you will need to deal with are the rules and ordinances set by your local government. Permits may be required before work can be done. Likewise, your own community may have self-imposed regulations and standards on the type of fences that can be built in the neighborhood.

Your budget is, of course, a very important component in your fence-building project. Fences can come in prefab pieces that you can assemble yourself, or it can be assembled by a reputable Denver fence company for you. The cost of your fence will vary according to the material you select, for which there are various options, including wood, vinyl, and wrought iron. In considering the material for your fence, you have to factor in the cost, the design, and the purpose of the fence.

All the various processes and decision-making needed in fence building, as spelled out by Lewis, indicate a need to work with reputable Denver fence companies such as Altitude Fence and Deck. Jeff Beneke, author of “The Fence Bible” and one of Lewis’ sources for her article, warns against DIY jobs that may be “too big for you”, and says “building a fence is a big job”. Many people are often lured into DIY projects, thinking they can save on costs by doing the job themselves, but a lack of skill, knowledge, and preparation for the job often leads to bad results that cost more to rectify.

Nonetheless, the benefits one can get from a well-constructed and well-maintained fence are many, and could well be worth the money you spend. While your primary purpose in putting up a fence may be security and safety, a fence with the right materials and design can also lend beauty and charm to your home. By working with the right fencing company, you can have the appropriate fence installed, within your budget, and minus the stress it would have taken had you gone DIY.

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