The recent rebound in the housing market in Denver, Colorado is sending homeowners on home improvement sprees, with the hopes of further improving their homes’ resale values. This was reported by Alex Veiga on, who went on to say that not all home improvements can actually boost the value of a property. Veiga then proceeded to list six tips on what to consider in home improvement investments and professionally installed fences was at the top. Beautifully installed fences can actually help attract more buyers.

Among the suggestions he gave was to “prioritize repairs and curb appeal”, something that has been supported by renovation experts nationwide. Needless to say, curb appeal has a lot to do with the condition of one’s front and back yard and can be greatly enhanced by a well-managed lawn, the presence of a deck, and a fence in excellent condition. To achieve the last two, one can solicit the services of topnotch  fence companies.

A wooden or composite deck is, in fact, one of the investments listed by Remodeling Magazine that can yield good returns, with wooden decks expected to recoup around 77% of their costs and composite decks, 67.5%. A fence, on the other hand, is a feature that can not only add to a home’s appeal, but also provide a measure of security and privacy. Everyone can agree with professionals who say an old or rotting fence is guaranteed to turn off many prospective buyers.

Home renovation specialists also say that adding a fence to your property can raise your home’s value, particularly in areas around Denver where fencing is routine. In neighborhoods like this, an unfenced home may be seen as a neglected one. Families with little children or pets also prefer homes with fences for security.

Fences may be bought in prefab pieces, and come in a variety of materials. Wooden fences, particularly cedar, are popular in Denver homes; but reputable Denver fence companies like Altitude Fence and Deck offer other options such as vinyl, bamboo, and wrought iron. Homeowners may assemble and put up these prefab fence pieces on their own, or have them installed by the fence company for a more professional finish.

In choosing the type of fence to install in your home, it may help to consider another one of Veiga’s tips: “Don’t overimprove.” This means that you have to consider your neighborhood and the prevailing trends within it. You may not be able to recoup the costs of an expensive fence, if the selling rates in your neighborhood do not allow you to raise the price of your home high enough to accommodate the cost of your investment.