Fort Collins Livestock Fences

Let’s face it, when you live on a ranch or farm, sometimes you need fencing that can stand up to the elements as well as function as a barrier for livestock. Our Fort Collins livestock fences can help keep your livestock from wandering off where they shouldn’t be as well as keeping predators and other nuisances out. We build fences that are durable, knowing that Colorado weather can often bring harsh elements that can be destructive.

We offer several different styles of fences to meet the needs of your farm or ranch properties. Our livestock fence options include:

  • metal fencing
  • barbed-wire fences
  • high-tensile wire fences

Choosing the Livestock Fence Right for You

When choosing the right fence for your property and your animals, make sure you are considering these things:

  • Height. In order to properly and effectively contain your animals, you need to make sure you are choosing a fence with enough height to keep your animals from escaping.
  • Visibility. Especially for certain animals like horses, it’s important that you choose a type of fencing they will be able to see so that there’s no risk of them running into it or getting caught or tangled.
  • Sturdiness. Consider how much wear and tear your fence may get. Certain types of animals may be harder on fences. Will the one you choose be sturdy enough to bear that weight?
  • Finally, consider whether your fence can contain the types of animals you own. Goats can escape many kinds of fencing, even if the fence is high. To avoid having to chase down loose livestock, make sure you choose the fence that will keep your animals where they belong.

Fort Collins Livestock Fences from Altitude Fence and Deck

Our fences for livestock do more than just provide aesthetics; they’re completely functional. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call and let’s start a conversation to find the best option for your needs. You can reach us at 970-405-8126



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