fort collins home garden show 2018When it comes time to install a new fence for your yard for any reason—keeping the dog from running away, privacy, decoration, etc.—you have to be purposeful. Ask yourself why you’re building the fence and the design, materials, and all the other decisions will become much easier. A privacy fence, for example will have to be tall enough to keep peeping eyes out of your property, which means you’ll need a sturdier design than the typical white picket fence for decoration.

The upcoming Northern Colorado Home and Garden Show in Loveland is a great opportunity to find products and ideas for landscaping and yard maintenance, but you won’t find all the answers there. Let’s take a look at a few things you might not consider or learn at the Home and Garden Show:

Protect Your Posts

Here’s a free tip: all fence posts, if they’re made of wood, will rot at some point. It doesn’t matter how much you stain the surface of the wood or which type of wood you choose.

Cedar fences, for example can be made of several different types of cedar, and not all cedars are created equal. Western red cedar is considered the best of the bunch, and all cedar trees produce a natural acid that helps keep insects and decay away, but if left un-repaired indefinitely, eventually you’ll see some rot. One solution to this is to use galvanized metal fence posts, which can withstand gale force winds and never rust or rot.

Consider Vinyl

vinyl fence cutawayVinyl fences don’t only come in one color. The white vinyl fences you may have seen are not the only option with this material. Vinyl fences can match any decoration and landscaping theme. If you can find vinyl fencing that is specifically designed to handle a Colorado climate, that’s the best option. Vinyl fences require little maintenance if installed correctly and can last for years.

The Mixed Fence

Did you know that you don’t have to commit to the same type of fence all the way around your home and/or yard? Connecting your beautiful white picket fence in the front with a simple chain link fence in the back enables you to do multiple things with your fence: add decoration and provide security, while saving you the trouble of painting the entire perimeter.

You can Always Add Decoration Later

You don’t have to add all the features of your fence to the perimeter at the same time you install the fence. You can add decorative posts, entrances, and finials after you have the fence in the ground. Customize it further by planting some flowers or other plants at the base of the fence.

Keep HOAs in on the Plan

Homeowner Associations can derail landscaping and fencing plans if they’re not considered before the project starts. Sit in on HOA meetings with your contractor if possible, to give the folks in these associations to meet the contractors and fully understand the project before going forward. A little extra communication can’t hurt before undertaking a new fencing project.

Now that Spring has sprung, the time is now to get going on your next outdoor project. If you think that project has a fence in your future, consider these tips and the contractors at Altitude Fence and Deck.