Versatility, Affordability, Strength, and Value

Fences come in a wide variety of materials and finishes, and wood, bamboo, iron, and vinyl are only a few examples. Vinyl in particular, has grown in popularity in recent years because of its versatility and affordability. Add to that the fact that vinyl fences are low maintenance and resistant to rot, and it’s no surprise why a lot of people choose this worry-free material. An article by Susan Bady for enumerates vinyl’s advantages as a fencing material.

Strength and flexibility

Vinyl is nearly five times stronger than wood, so it will take much more to bring down a vinyl fence than a wooden one. Regarding its flexibility, Bady says that “a vinyl fence is more resilient than wood and will “give” under extreme stress. The rails may disengage from the posts, but they won’t break.” The flexibility and the strength of vinyl makes it apt material for fencing in Fort Collins and other places that experience four distinct seasons, as well as for households and establishments that require to fence in pets or livestock.

Easy to install and maintain

Not much maintenance is required for vinyl fences—just a little cleaning with soap and water is already enough to keep it sparkling clean. Vinyl fencing is also a lot easier to install than wood and metal fencing. “No fasteners or welding equipment are required. Drill a hole in the ground, drop in the vinyl post, compact the earth around it or set it in concrete, and insert the rails inside the posts,” relates Bady’s article.


A benefit not listed in Bady’s article but is worth mentioning is that vinyl fences are non-toxic because they are not treated with hazardous chemicals. They are usually made from recycled materials. In terms of what it’s made of, vinyl consists of 49% chlorine, a material derived from salt, and another 49% hydrocarbons, which are derived from natural gas.

Fort Collins fencing experts at companies like Altitude Fence and Deck will only be too happy to talk to you more about the benefits of using vinyl fencing. Don’t hesitate to call them if you are interested in installing a vinyl fence.