When it comes to a home’s outdoor décor, the garden is undoubtedly a significant visual element. Gardens give a home a certain flair and personality, and every component of the garden is meant to contribute equally toward this end; the plants, fountains, landscape, pools, and furniture defines the way a garden looks. However, one subtle but equally significant element people tend to forget is the fence, which can also play a major role in a Greeley garden’s aesthetic appeal.

A lot of Greeley residents appreciate wood as a fencing material. In fact, it’s a marked trend in recent times, if you ask a trusty Greeley fence company near you. Wood is one of the most decorative fencing materials available, and it’s sure to elevate the aesthetics of your garden to new heights. Here are a few wood fencing options to choose from, according to an article posted on Life123.com.

Close board
Close board wood fences consist of horizontal rails with vertical boards placed side-by-side. With this type of wood fence, feather edge boards are fixed to only one side of the rail. In terms of security and privacy, close boards are the ultimate. They are also very effective as a windbreak.

Board on board
A board on board wood fence follows the same construction of close board fences, but the main difference is the vertical elements alternate on both sides of the rails. The alternating pieces allow air and light to pass through without compromising privacy. Board on board fences are typically six feet in height, and come in a few varieties: cap board, dip, dog-ear, lattice top, and oval.

Picket fence

“Usually built less than four feet high, picket fences are a classic decorative fence. What they lack in privacy and security, picket fences make up for in charm and visual style,” says the Life123.com article. Picket fences are a classic—they’re well-known for their simple yet effective appeal. Plus, their gates often blend perfectly into the overall look of the fence, which is perfect if you don’t want a gate that stands out too much.

When it’s time to select a type of wood fence for your Colorado property, hopefully the info above will help you choose the right one. For top quality wood fencing or for any questions you may have about the material, you can consult Greeley fence companies like Altitude Fence and Deck.

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