Are you planning to remodel your deck yourself? In an article for Time magazine, editor-in-chief Anne Reagan suggests stepping back first and thinking about what your remodel will entail. Will your deck just need a few touch-ups, or do you want a total makeover? For complicated or detailed jobs, you might want to leave it to a licensed contractor.

If you’re still not convinced, here are various ways a skilled deck builder in Greeley can make a difference in remodeling your outdoor space. Here are three reasons why you may find that hiring an experienced contractor is necessary:

1. Determining the necessity of minor vs. large-scale remodels

An experienced deck builder can assess if your deck needs only simple cleaning and maintenance or if it needs an extensive overhaul due to serious problems like mold and dry rot. The contractor may also offer free estimates for restoring a damaged deck, and advice on materials to make the refurbished or new deck versatile and long-lasting.

2. Improving the style of the deck

Aside from enhancing the durability and lifespan of your deck, expert-recommended decking products like natural-looking composites can also improve the deck’s appearance. If you sign up for a comprehensive makeover, the pro can suggest designs and accessories, such as a fence, to increase the outdoor space’s sophisticated look and feel or match it to your lifestyle and the rest of your home.

3. Assuring quality and satisfaction

Unlike in DIY projects, you can be confident in the workmanship of a trusted deck and fence company in Greeley like Altitude Fence and Deck. The company professionals are licensed and fully insured, while the services come with warranties to give you peace of mind while they work on your home, and to ensure your satisfaction with the results.

(Source: Remodeling Your Deck: When to DIY, When to Hire a Pro, Time, June 20, 2014)