Fences are commonly found on both commercial and residential properties, and there are numerous styles that are found throughout the Greeley area. A fence can add character and individuality to a home, and you may be wondering how you can customize your fence to make it unique. Before you get in touch with a fence or deck builder in Greeley, such as Altitude Fence and Deck, in order to get assistance with the installation or replacement of a fence around your property, first consider what type of fence you want to be installed. Here are some tips. 

Think About the Look of the Fence

Fences can be smaller in size, such as with a waist-high picket fence, and they can be towering over your head, such as with a chain link or stone privacy fence. The look of the fence on the front or the rear of the property will impact curb appeal and can affect the overall style of the home for years to come. Consider how the different materials that may be used will influence the overall look of your property, and think about size, visibility, and embellishments as well. Personalize the fence in various ways by mixing the materials or adding special designs with the installation pattern.

Focus on the Functionality of the Fence

While you may be focused on the look of your fence, another important factor to focus on is its functionality. For example, you may want to enclose your yard for your pets and kids. You may want to bolster security or improve the look of your property. Some features, for instance, such as spindles on the top of fence posts or ample lighting on the fence can enhance security. In many cases, a property owner will have multiple goals in mind when installing a fence and some fence types may be more suitable for achieving those goals than others.

Installing a new fence can be a costly project to complete, but it can add value, individual style, and functional benefits to your property. It is important to review all of the style and material options available as a first step. Then, consider which of the options will help you achieve the primary goals you have in mind for building the fence. You may also want to check with your homeowner’s association to check if there are special requirements or regulations in place for building fences in your area. Once you have those important things figured out, it’s time to call the professionals.


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