Fencing That Has Strength To Stand The Test Of Time

When selecting a fence for your home or business, the many choices out there can be overwhelming. From wrought-iron to wood, each type of fence has its own unique properties; however, perhaps one of the best types of fence is the vinyl fencing. The following are five reasons why you should choose to install a vinyl fence using a leading fence company in Greeley.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl fences are known for their extremely low maintenance requirements. Unlike wooden fencing, which requires regular staining and anti-rot treatment to maintain it, vinyl fencing requires little to no maintenance treatments. A simple wash with household soap and water will remove most dirt and grime from the surface. Vinyl fencing does not lose its color and will not rot.


Vinyl fencing is almost five times as strong as wood and can withstand a fair amount of abuse. It is also extremely flexible and is less likely to collapse during high winds and heavy rains. This type of fence is ideal for locations near the seaside, as they are resistant to salt water exposure. It is also a good option for fencing in pasture animals. Vinyl is impervious to the teeth of animals and will not hurt them if they attempt to run through it.


Purchasing a vinyl fence is significantly cheaper than the purchase of an equal amount of wood or wrought iron fencing. Vinyl fencing requires virtually no maintenance, thereby saving the costs of primer and rust preventatives. Since it maintains its color, vinyl fencing also requires no painting or staining.

Easy to Install

Vinyl fences are easy to install and will not take a long time. A fence contractor in Greeley can help you get your vinyl fence up and ready to go within a day or two, depending on the scope of the fencing project. Should any damage occur, replacement of a vinyl fence is simple.


Vinyl fencing is not treated with hazardous chemicals and is made from 51 percent chlorine and 49 percent hydrocarbons. Vinyl fencing is very energy-efficient and requires three times less energy to produce than aluminum. Due to the fact that it uses 51 percent chlorine in its design, vinyl contains fewer hydrocarbons than plastics that use hydrocarbons alone.


5 Benefits from a Vinyl Fence, RedBeacon